of the Year
This category is open to all lenders (headquartered in and/or with a significant focus on the UK) and acknowledges the consistent skill of tailoring debt packages for UK-based private equity-backed buyouts throughout the year. Professionalism, innovation, and the ability to consistently add value throughout the past 12 months are among the attributes examined by the judges.
Ares Management
During the early part of the judging period, HSBC remained very active in the UK PE market, completing 51 deals in H2 2019 (versus 49 in H2 2018). Since the onset of Covid-19, PE attention initially focused on portfolio companies, where HSBC provided vital liquidity and headroom support via incremental facilities, government backed lending schemes and documentary flexibility to enable leveraged borrowers to trade through the pandemic. Judges were particularly impressed by the bank's continued commitment to the UK PE community, completing 29 deals in the Jan-Jun 2020 period, including two new to bank transactions in Mar-Apr 2020. Overall, HSBC deployed £1.4bn of debt through senior and super senior structures, transacted with 56 different sponsors, and supported portfolio companies through the Covid-19 pandemic with additional facilities and providing documentary flexibility, completing over 45 deal amendments.
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